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President Obama’s new immigration law mostly benefits people who have been in the US for 5 years, since January 1, 2010, who are mostly crime free, and who are either:

1. Parents of US Citizens or LPR (green card holding) children (Application period begins on approximately May 20, 2015. Must be parent of USC or LPR child on November 20, 2014).

2. Children who came to the US while under 16 years of age who are attending or who have attended high school or its equivalent in the US (Application period begins on approximately February 20, 2015).

Both groups will receive 3 years of employment authorization and protection, with the possibility of requesting and obtaining permission to briefly travel home.


For Parents: Tax returns, social security earnings record, birth certificates of children born in the US, bank records, employment records, lease or rent receipts, Western Union/Vigo/ MoneyGram receipts, medical or hospital records, marriage and/or divorce certificates, criminal court records, mortgage papers, passport stamp demonstrating date of entry if last entry was legal, state driver’s license or ID

For Students: School records (transcripts, report cards, awards, ID, class photos), medical records, passport stamp demonstrating date of entry if last entry was legal

Other Changes:

  • Expanded I-601A Waivers for unlawful presence are now available to spouses and unmarriedchildren of Lawful Permanent Residents and all children of US Citizens.
  • Much more favorable treatment will be accorded to people who were apprehended and/orordered removed or deported before January 1, 2014 than afterwards.
  • New removal priorities focus on security threats, gang members, serious criminals and recentborder crossers.
  • Those who entered illegally prior to January 1, 2014, who never disobeyed a prior order ofremoval, and were never convicted of a serious offense, will not be priorities for removal.
  • Police authorities will generally no longer hold immigrants for 3 days while waiting for ICEto appear.
  • Naturalization applicants will be able to pay filling fees by credit card.This general information is only provided for general educational purposes. It is not legal advice. Individualized legal advice is only provided once an attorney-client relationship is entered into with Attorney Feldman.

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